Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korea Vs. Argentina

Last week I wrote about the Korea game we hit up at the high school. Welllllll tonight Korea plays Uruguay and if they win, and we perchance happen to win again Ghana... we will play each other. Which could get interesting.

Anyway, I shared why I thought Argentina won , but what I didn't get to share was our experience at the game. The students were funny and everyone was all riled up!

The crowd getting ready for the fight!

They had plastic bags on their heads... please don't ask why. I still have yet to try and figure out the way Korean students think... and I don't know that I ever will.

And yes... they also put on make -up they're comfortable with their masculinity.

Now it's game time. Soon after they turned off all the lights. It was pretty fun watching it on the big screen.

Korea Scores!!! In overtime of the first half. It was a great way to end the first half! And everyone went WILD! The lights were still off so you couldn't see the excitement but they were pretty pumped!

Taking a break at the half. Ian with his manly students.

Then there was this guy. Just meandered up to the stage and started beating on the drum. The REST OF THE GAME. It seriously felt like I was being led into battle. All I could imagine was Lord of the Rings, and I was just waiting for the Orcs to come out and attack. It was honestly stressful to hear the drums for over 45 minutes straight... apparently I wouldn't do well in a battle.

Unfortunately, Korea didn't do so great. A 4-1 loss took it's toll on everyone.

And this is how they dealt with their pain.  I have to say, before we took this picture, in the dark. The boy with his leg over the other one was on his back, with the other boy laying on top of him. And he had his legs around the boy on top of him. 

Awkward... yes.  Typical of Korea... yes.

And there you have it folks. An interesting way to spend the evening :)

Have any of you been watching the World Cup??

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