Friday, June 11, 2010


Although there are many times Jon and I feel completely alone in the land of Korea, we are sent some awesome reminders that this is most definitely not the case. We are reminded of all the absolutely amazing friends we have back home!

We are blessed!

Last night I was feeling pretty down about being away from family... which kind of surprised me because I've actually been doing well on the homesick front. But it was a little overwhelming last night.

And today when I ran to my school to grab a package I found a card.

Our anniversary is in about a week and last year and this year... it never fails our friend Katie ALWAYS remembers.

Katie has always been one of the most thoughtful friends. She sends cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and I'm sure any other special occasion you could imagine celebrating. And she does this with ALL of our friends from University.

Katie has always been a fantastic friend, ever since freshman year :) We've been in small groups together, played flag football, basketball, we've shared our love of Jane Austen, and I think she's finally used to my touch feely ways :)  ... and I know she'll always continue to be a good friend.  She is great at keeping in touch with others... and not just facebook/email wise. I love that she does things in letter form.
I wish I were half as thoughtful as you Katie!!! 

Thank you so much for brightening up our day with your sweetness :)

Katie we love you and can't wait to see you for an awesome visit in Korea in just a few months!!!

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