Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stiff Competition

I for one think my husband is quite the stud. Although I am on the biased side.

I have noticed though, that my sentiments are shared with many women, students, (and sometimes men) in Korea. While it only reinforces my fantastic decision in a partner, sometimes it's just darn cute.

I'm not sure what kind of spell Jon has on his students, but he's been the target of more than one crush. Last year he caught one of his students writing his name and drawing hearts around it, many of them tell him how much they love him, how handsome he is... etc.  and this year he got this cute little thing....
Alright Jini... let's see what you have to say...

For those of you that can't read it, it says

Jonathan You are So Good English Teacher!
Jonathan very very cooooooool~
Very *tall!~
Very Good *Voice
Very *Handsome

I like Jonathan 
but you are older
tham me and 
you married!
Ha Ha Ha!~

You very good Teacher

Well at least she recognizes that he's married... and that he's older than her. And I do have to agree with the rest :) 

And she does a good drawing...

All in all I think I'm ok with the competition... I'm pretty sure I've already got this one in the bag :)

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Laura said...

Hahahaha that is so funny!!!! I Love it!