Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I think during my childhood I distinctly remember one Father's Day celebration with my Dad. Other than that, I didn't celebrate a Father's Day until 9th Grade.

Growing up without a Dad made me painfully aware of those that had one. Especially friends that were extremely close with their fathers. I was ALWAYS jealous, why couldn't I have that relationship? Why couldn't I have some sort of male figure in my life? Not to say my Uncle's didn't do a great job, but being a Dad is a tough role to fill. But I always knew I was missing out

Enter Leroy.

Come the end of 8th Grade I had a father figure pretty dang fast. And after all that time wanting a father... I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. But.... Leroy has a tendency to grow on people :)

The past 10 years I have never felt the "loss" of not having a father. Leroy has been supportive, encouraging, and has always treated me in a way that made me feel loved.

I will be forever grateful that my mom married Leroy. Even though I don't call him "Dad" ( I don't think I can call anyone that) I think of him as Dad, and tell people that he is, indeed, my dad. Thank you Leroy for everything, I love you!

I also feel very fortunate to have Jon's father in my life as well. Mike is a great man as well and has always tried to do what's best for his kids. And you can see that in most every aspect of his life. He loves family time and thrives when we are all around :) Whether it's hiking, going to the shooting range, or watching our favorite movies at night Mike just enjoys having all of us kids around.

It's always fun to sit around the dinner table at the Stainbrooks and listen to the stories that everyone tells, and Mike knows them all and so thoroughly enjoys telling them :) He has made me feel so welcome and part of the Stainbrook family and I will always appreciate the figure he has been in Jon's life. 

Thank you Mike for being an amazing father figure in both of our lives! we love you!

A big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of my brother's as well. Eric, Nathan, Clint, Travis, and Matt it's a joy watching you interact with your children and I love seeing that my nieces and nephews have such caring and loving men in their lives :)

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