Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deep Fried

I love corn dogs. Always have, always will. Especially at the Fair... there's just something so delicious about it. I will say, however, I never really cared to know how to make them myself. They were always a once every couple of month treat... so I didn't really need to know the inter-workings of corn dog making.

But, because I love my extra class, and because we'd had so much fun baking together before, and because it was one of our last days together I told them we could try to make corn dogs.

Apparently I believe that large pots of boiling oil around 13 year olds is a good idea... I believe Korea has changed me a bit. But learn how to make corn dogs... I did. And as usual we had a blast making them :)

Puttin' it all together for the dough.

The Oil set up

Gettin' the dogs ready :)

There is more than one way to eat with a chopstick

Checking to see if the oil is hot enough

So much oil it's out of control. I truthfully have no idea how people own a deep frier... and use it on a weekly basis. it's just soooooo much oil!

We then started to run out of time, so I had to start frying 2 at once... it was HOT!

Golden Brown drippin in oil... * I feel the need to mention that as I type this I'm watching The Biggest Loser... little bit of a clash there*

For a first time deep frier, I think I did pretty well.

I love this class... when we found out it was one of our last days we all got a little upset. They have been so fantastic and I'll miss them so much! Tomorrow I'll show you one more reason why they are absolutely fantastic :)

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