Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I Love being a Teacher

As you all obviously know by now, teaching is not my passion in life. It's difficult for me to feel excited about a lesson. And as much as some of my students drive me up the wall,  there are some students that it will break my heart to never see again.

I know leaving after this contract will be difficult for me, leaving this school, these teachers, these students... it's a struggle for me to think that I'll probably never see them again.

Well, after the corn dog adventure the other day we found out the day after that it was our last day. And we were all a little upset about it. I then had to break the news that they wouldn't be seeing me again after September... it was so sad.. and touching to see how upset they were. They couldn't believe I was going. They then told me if I got bored in the U.S.A. to come back and move to Jaeun... cute... but probably not happenin' :)

Then they gave me these:

And that's an order!!!! :)

(sorry for the blurriness)

I  may not enjoy teaching, but at least with these students I feel that I made a difference and that we all really enjoyed that extra class. Even now as I re-read them my heart just breaks a little and tears come.
Can I just take these kids with me??

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Laura said...

What great keepsakes from your time there. So sweet. I love how hard they tried to write sweet words for you.