Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeju: Day 1

Because the next few days are going to be crazy busy with packing and cleaning (did I mention we leave Korea in like 3 days!!!!) I figured I'd just give a little sneak peak into our trip of Jeju.

Gettin' on board the Queen Mary

My spot for the next 5 hours. For some reason I figured that being on the boat made me immune from the sun. So ended up with a little more sun that I had intended.

Time for the car rental. We walked in the airport but then were directed to the parking lot, where TONS of vans were set up as car rental places! Little Sketchy?? Yes. Funny and random?? Of course.

Our sweet little ride for the week...

I wasn't lying when I said little.

The only downside was when we got to our pension. The picture on the internet showed this lovely little pension, lot's of grass, directly next to the water.

We showed up and there was the water, rocks, 100 greenhouses, a road, and then our little pension with a veeeerrrrrry small little plot of grass. We were less than impressed. I think I'm just sick of Korea's false advertising with hotels/pensions. The same thing happened earlier this spring on a trip, and it just gets a little old. We adjusted though, and it turned out to be a a fun little place to stay.

We pretty much headed straight to bed after our long day of travel! Day 2 was a bit on the busier side though...

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Amanda said...

That car is AWESOME! Does it even come with the real engine or do you have to wind it up like a toy?