Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jeju: Day 4

Thankfully day 3 was completely travel free because day 4 we had a bit of a trek to the North of the island. We had booked a massage for me this morning and we had to be up there by about 10. I'll give details about the surprise attack massage at another time. Let's just say there was texting, stretching, and a woman standing on top of me at the end of it.

After that extravaganza we headed to check out a hedge maze and some lava tubes. It was 

The hedge maze map.. which we didn't use at all, and which is also the reason it probably took us a bit longer than most other people.

there was a heart in the maze.. I decided to be Korean.

Can you spot the two arrows?

 We may have pretended to be apart of Harry Potter  for a lot of the maze as well...

We made it! Yay hurray!

Bastards put in a fake bridge. We were not impressed.

yay we found it this time!

In your face hedge maze!

After sweltering in the hedge maze, the lava tube was a nice cool atmosphere. Except for the fact that all of my sweat instantly cooled and my nose was numb within 10 minutes. I don't do well in chilly weather... so much for growing up in MN.

I may have also gotten upset with the ticket booth lady for not selling me the youth pass. I kept insisting that I was 24... and even after looking at my license she refused. Ummm excuse me... I'm pretty sure I know my age. I now understand how heat and violence are coordinated... I wanted to punch that women.

After the chilling and incredible lava tubes we headed out to find a beach. And did we ever luck out!
We were headed to one beach, and ended up finding this tiny little sandbar ... all to ourselves. It was fabulous!

We also had a few friendly visitors picking out crabs and squid from the tide pools

So Stunning. We could've stayed here all day... but unfortunately we had a bit of trek back to the pension. We did end the night on a good note though...

Some delicious Samgyeopsal grilled right at our table :)

Delish :)

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