Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volleyball Hoopla!

This past Wednesday was our last big volleyball day between all of the schools. Volleyball in Korea-land is BIG. Pretty much EVERY Wednesday is volleyball day and every month our schools all get together and have a big 'ole competition.

All of the principal's in their glory. Notice the super fancy chairs with the tennis balls on the bottom. 

Before we play volleyball, we should probably eat a ton of food, drink a lot of beer, soju, and then eat some more.... way to get that belly full.


As you can see... Jon and his co-t aren't quite as friendly as my co-t is with us :)

The pleasantries before the game

So it may seem mean but Korean men have a tendency to over-react when hurt, although it turned out this guy was legit in the end.. but he definitely writhed around... a lot.

The second man is... diva. He's the gym teacher at Jon's school. He wears a gold chain, yells a lot, and stomps his feet when he makes a mistake. He yells at the other players, and makes everyone suit his needs. He's was so funny to watch... Jon and I would just look at each other and mouth "diiiiiiva."

I have to say my husband ROCKED volleyball this day. My school is generally known as the best, but Jon's school gave us a run for our money and Jon was a big part of that. That boy can BLOCK!

Going for the kill. The first game we played all of the male teachers decided to hit EVERY ball, spike, serve straight at me...and then taunt me (in a nice way) for every mistake I made. I think the tally at the end was 5 mistakes... not bad for having every single ball aimed my way.

Here I'm back pedaling as fast as possible.
Our science teacher could NOT pick a place. He would back way up into my biznass and then when the ball would come he'd duck or get out of the way... or when it'd come straight to me he'd back up and then I'd just about run smack into him... and did... twice. Bless his undecided little heart.

The prizes?? Boxes of Kleenex. Rock my face off.

My school won it all...and they picked me to pick up the prize :)

In all honesty it is one of the best days I've had with my teachers, we had so much fun! Ahh Korea I'll miss you and your crazy Korean volleyball ways :)

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