Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeju:Day 5

We started off the day heading to a skeet shooting range.
We were both ridiculously excited and it turned out to be extremely dissapointing.
We were the only two there, they gave us 20 shots, made us shoot at the same time, the man kept readjusting my arm... as I was shooting, and we were done in about 10 minutes.
So while it was fun to shoot some clay pigeons, the guys were jerks and we were less than impressed with their little gun operation.

We did however get to have pheasant for lunch... and that was a plus!

In between the shooting (which was at 10) and then our lunch we had about two hours to kill.
WE meandered in our car for a bit, and then found the art sculpture park.
All of these sweet sculptures along really cool walking paths, it was EXCELLENT!

Yes, I did find a stick just so Jon and I could re-create these statues... and Yes, I did make Jon do it :) It was way too cool not too.

We (of course) headed to the beach for the afternoon and then made our way home to grill some chicken and garlic bread.
It ... was.... FABULOUS.
One of our best meals in Jeju :)

grilled garlic bread is officially my best friend.
Get ready for our last day on the Jeju~ coming up!

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