Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chaotic Korea

School started last Monday for us. As in August 23rd, as in only 1 month of summer vacation... yeah kind of hard to get used too after being spoiled with 3 months.

About 10 days before school started I went to the school to show around some of our visitors. And I was appalled!  The floors were getting redone during the vacation and yet everything was in the halls (covered in dust I might add) and all of the floors had wet cement. 

I was EXTREMELY skeptical that school would start on time, but never underestimate the craftsmanship (although slightly shoddy) of Korea.  So I have to say I was impressed when Joanne said school was starting as scheduled. So I got dressed in a nice shirt, skirt, and heels and found this when I got there...

Everything was still MASS chaos. All of the teachers were in scrubs and most of the students were in the gym just hanging out. So I quickly ran home to get my scrub clothes on and pitch in :) It was HOT. We're talking close to 100 with at least 90% humidity... with no AC no fans... nothing. Basically I looked like this all over again. And then we did it all over again for the rest of the week :) I have to say I prefer manual labor over teaching... by far.

So this week I expected to start teaching on Monday. What I failed to remember is that they were also changing the windows on the school during vacation. And when I say during vacation I mean the first two weeks of school.

So the English lab looked like this when I showed up :)

And my desk was covered in plastic. So I sat in a random chair and took pictures of the action.

Ahhh... nothing like the sound of power saws, metal cutters, and hammers in the morning.

I think the greatest part was the korean teachers seemed more freaked out about it than I was. I was taking it all in stride. And of course taking pictures like no tomorrow.

Again, not your typical first week or so of school. But it is Korea and you have to roll with it :)

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