Saturday, September 25, 2010

BF/VFF Adventures!

I have officially had my VFF's for a week now, and I've worn them at least every single day since that blessed package got to my school :)

ahhh no holes. just perfectness.

Of course, immediately after getting them I decided to bash my toe (while wearing sandals) into the side of a wooden shelf at the movie store, giving my big toe a lovely blood blister.

But that didn't stop me at all! I was ready to conquer the world~ or ya know Jeju.

But I definitely learned a few lessons while testing out my pretty little friends.

1. You will want to wear them at all times. But because of the blood blister you previously got, the compacted blood created while you wear them will not make for a fun time.

2. Pay attention.... pay attention... pay attention.   When you decide to run in them for the first time you will feel free, light, and full of energy. Then you will stop paying attention to what is on the ground ahead of you and you will successfully smash above mentioned toe into the concrete. You will then get a  piggy back ride from your husband hobble the mile home.

Then, you will wear them ... every chance you get!!!!

You will wear them for running, hiking, yoga, and walking.

On some sweet volcanic rocks at a waterfall... next to the ocean

I LOVE that these are the footprints made... so much fun!

Hiking through a lava tube!

Becoming one with the sculptures at the art park

Hiking up to a volcanic crater

3. After wearing them every chance you get and not stretching properly your calves will proceed to yell at you and insist that you take a break... so you will. But you'll regret it, and just wait for the next chance to put them on!!!

As you can see, me and my vibrams went on quite the adventure this week and we had  A LOT of fun :) I can't wait to put some more miles on them in Europe!

Have I mentioned I love these things???

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Anonymous said...

Way cool, makes ya wanna buy a pair. Except it will be snowing soon in MN so maybe I will wait...
Looks like you had a great time, love the pictures!!!! Miss you guys, see you soon!!!!!!Bunches of LOVE>>MS