Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You say goodbye, and I say hello

This weekend perfectly represented all the feelings that have been swarming around inside of me for the past couple of weeks. Excited, sad, happy, upset, .... the list goes on. I feel like my entire body, mind, and my emotions are in complete conflict.

First, we got to start off the weekend meeting Sara! Sara is the little sis of one of my closest friends from university. We've been chatting and sending messages on Facebook for over a year now, so it was nice to finally meet up!

She just arrived in SK about 2 weeks ago and is settling in nicely to her cute little house :) We took her to the green tea fields for the sweatiest hike of my life... Sara and I were both feelin' it and then we got semi- lost on the random trail on the way down. 

We hit up some BiBimBap

And then we headed back for some snacks and movies :)
The smallest brownies EVER.  Seriously only as big as the bottom of the spoon.

Apparently what you see on the box, is exactly what you get. We polished these off with some ice cream and the movie Kung Fu Panda... oh my goodness hilarious. If you haven't seen it. go. watch. now.

But our awesomely random time with Sara came to an end way to quickly and then we were off for some goodbyes.

We headed to Haenam to say farewell to our teachers from last year and our favorite BBQ place.

It was so delicious! This is one thing I will be missing when we leave Korea-land.

I was proud to say I held the tears back while we were saying our goodbyes.

But they were coming on full blast as we walked and drove away. 

To imagine not seeing any of these teachers again, or being able to visit our first little home as a married couple just breaks my heart.

This is first of MANY goodbyes  that we have coming up, and I'm dreading every single one of them.  Is there nothing to make the process easier? Any ideas???

Overall, it was a great weekend and we're so blessed to still be meeting new friends here, and knowing that we are saying goodbye to some amazing friends. Life in Korea has been sweet and we will miss it greatly!

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