Monday, September 13, 2010

BF/VFF Adventures!

My running shoes are trying to kill me. Or at least cause me a lot of pain.

I'm not sure whether or not they were feeling vindictive for my lack of running in them or what, but today was a rough run.

I haven't run in my shoes for about 3 months. Wow... sometimes I can't believe that I've actually gone that long without running (at least in shoes).

Now, I have been barefoot running about 2 times a week for the last couple weeks and it's been glorious, but today since I'm done with Insanity (finally! woo hoo!) and because I've been aching to go on a run I decided to head out in the shoes since my Vibrams are still not here!!! (hopefully this week).

So I went from this...

(I actually did get an AWESOME barefoot run on the beach in on Saturday. It was rainy and perfect :) )

To These...

Look at all that padding!!! My feet had NO clue what to do. In Born to Run it talks about how the more padding we have the more our body strives to find balance and stability. And my feet were really struggling to stabilize. I felt like I was teetering all over the place! My feet could NOT figure out how to function and were thrown off by the fact that they were basically in a cast. My shoes also decided within the first 1/2 mile that I needed a blister and for my knee to go out on me... sweet.

I truly couldn't believe how much heavier my feet felt and how cooped up they felt. Thankfully I've kept my old running shoes that are completely worn down and hopefully my feet won't be quite so confused by all the padding next time.

But truly I'm just hoping to get my vibrams this week and then start building my running base with those. The goal is to run a half and then a full marathon next spring/summer in the Vibrams. We'll see how it goes, but if I can base anything off of today, it's that

1. my feet do not enjoy shoes
2. my heel and new blister didn't appreciate them either.
3. my knee and shoes are not on speaking terms
4. I think my running life is better off without shoes

Soooooo, so long running shoes! Hello, barefoot running....

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Amanda said...

It is crazy you had THAT many problems with shoes after only not wearing then for 3 months..