Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Weekend

The weather in Korea has finally cooled down, and it is GLORIOUS!!

But I couldn't help but feel that we were re-living a lovely rainy morning just a few months ago.

Of course our apartment felt the need to flood....again.

Can you see the water trailing down the walls?? What a treat!

Jon fixing it :)

Ian was  HUGE help...

And of course we also had some scones to go along with the rainy day flood.

After that we decided to just head for the beach and run around in the rain. It was a BLAST! Hands down, the best place for barefoot running is the beach. The sand just feels so good and the rain helped too :)

Sara, Jon, and I made the attempt to swim to another island, it didn't quite work out. But we did spend an hour playing in the waves, in the rain. It was extremely random, and so fun!

After all of our swimming and barefoot running fun!

I love that we are still having some fantastic weekends before our time in Korea has ended. It's been so nice to have people come out and visit and just experience the randomness of the islands with us!

How was your weekend??

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