Saturday, August 7, 2010

Joe and Shanna

Today, our awesome friends Joe and Shanna are gettin' hitched! 

We met them last year in Korea land and they are home in Canada for the big event. We are so pumped for them and can't WAIT for them to get back so we can hear all about it :)

Now I'm sure some of you remember the Korean Wedding I wrote about in April, but that is just half the story.  A few weeks (and I'm sure maybe months) before the wedding, the couple gets their wedding pictures taken. I know... weird right?  Sure, they get a few done on the day... but like those cute couple shots with just each other, those are done ahead of time.

You go to this shop to get your hair and makeup done, then to a studio. The studio has a ton of different dresses, suits, props. and scenes. That's right... scenes. 

So Joe and Shanna went the Korean route and decided to get a wedding photo book and they asked me to come along and take some supplementary photos!!! I was pretty pumped to see what it's all about, and extremely flattered that they would think I'd do a good job! This is a very picture heavy post, but they are fun and it's interesting to see all of the different sets and outfits! Enjoy!

I truly wish I knew why they had this mannequin.. so beyond freaky.

Shanna getting beautified! they changed her hair with EVERY outfit!!! Seriously like 6 times! 

So sweet :)

I LOVE the dress and setting of the first one... so old timey and vintagey

Ok, picture 1... yes those are angel wings... and please don't ask me why. Just part of the madness :)

Numero two... we couldn't stop laughing at the fact that messenger was spelt wrong... Oh Korea.

Those are all the dress choices... out of control!!!

And how cute is Shanna!!??? Love that mini-hat!

Hanbok time!!! Ok short story time. 
They were trying to explain to Joe how they wanted him to pose and no one was getting it. So they then described that he was helping shanna undress because it was their wedding night.... awkward.

Whose up for some tea??

Congratulations Joe and Shanna!!!
Have an absolutely fantastic day!

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Anonymous said...

this is cool! i didn't know they were gonna do that! i wish we had done it just for fun (even though jens and i are already married lol)

also- "he was helping shanna undress because it was their wedding night" LOL SO FREAKING WEIRD! oh korea!

great pics! - randi