Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Meditations: Adoption

After living in Korea I think Jon and I have decided we will be adopting some ridiculously cute Korean children. Beyond the fact that they are absolutely adorable, I think our trip to the orphanage with Danielle sealed the deal.

We found out that this one specific agency has over 60 babies a month coming in!!! And that's one of many! After two months these children go to a foster home and for 5 months they are trying to place these children in a domestic setting. If that doesn't happen then they are placed internationally.

One of their greatest needs at the actual agency is volunteers to hold the babies, and we were happy to oblige. (again, this a heavily loaded picture blog... but I don't think it could be any other way...)

Danielle in front of the agency. When we first arrived the banner said
"Welcome to your Mother land, Korea!"
One of the rooms at the orphanage

Sleeping so peacefully

 A fantastic way to end the trip, and a memory that I will never forget.

When I look at all these babies I realize that great need that they have! Even if it's just volunteering to hold them or play with them. These kids have so little and truthfully with a little time you can give them so much!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful babies. Ryan and I have talked about adopting. We would love to give a child a home with us! We'll see. Thanks for sharing in such a special day you had.

Melissa said...

Oh boy, this post is not one that a pregnant, hormonal woman should be reading. What a special stop. I am so glad you guys could love on those precious babes.