Sunday, August 15, 2010

VFF Adventures!: Barefoot 2

As you all know by now my lovely VFF's are not here yet :( But my mom has sent them back and hopefully I'll be seeing them in a few weeks!

I decided that I would tough it out instead and go straight up barefoot! After my first barefoot run I was excited to get back on the track and work those foot muscles. But of course my plans were put on hold as we had loads of visitors!!!

I was willing to put my barefoot dreams aside for the good of the visitors :) And it wasn't too hard to do. Now that it's just Jon and I again, I'm back out on the track!  It was so nice to just go out again and see what my little toes can do.

The Stats
Distance: 1.75
Time: 22:27
I interspersed .25 miles running with .12 walking so that I had a little break in between the runs just to get my feet used to it.  It took me awhile to get back into the groove and find my stride. The 1st two times of the running my pace was around 9:50 (not too shabby considering I haven't done really any running since June) and the walking was at 16:30 BUUUUUUUT as I kept on, my pace got better, my form improved, and it became so much easier! My pace dropped down to around 9:19 for the last two rounds of running and the walking was about 15:45. I loved that my body adjusted the way it did... such a great feeling!

With all of our visitors I got a slew of questions about this barefoot running "craze" and I tried to explain why it's so good for our feet, but a lot of times I'm not quite so great at explaining things. Another blog I've been reading up on is
The Edible Perspective , Ashley and her husband live in Colorado and I'm secretly hoping that when we move out there we'll become BFF's and run around in our Vibrams together.  Her and her husband went to a free barefoot running clinic and I'm pretty jealous. But the information she was able to get was incredible!!!

Here's the info she was able to get down! Enjoy! And hopefully it will help you understand my new obsession :)

I'll let you know how the next BF run goes on Tuesday!

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