Friday, August 13, 2010

The Lotus Ponds

Because we still have visitors, blogging has been put on the back burner to an extent.
As I'm going through all of the photos from the last visitors I can't help but feel just completely blessed by all the people we've had take time and money to come see us! Thanks!

So, last year Jon and I went to see some lotus ponds, and ever since then my Mother has decided she needed to see them! So we did!

It was a HOT day... ,and truthfully as bad as I feel for ya'll in MN you have no idea what heat is, but I still managed to get some fun shots of the very few open lotus blossoms.  So beautiful, I think they may be one of my favorites!

I was really itching to take one of these bad boys for a cruise...but no one was with me on that one.


Jamie and Danielle thoroughly enjoying the heat :)


These leaves were HUGE and the texture was so much fun!

I love the little pods in the center.

Pretty in Pink!

I love the lotus ponds and it's just one more place I'll really miss visiting when we're back in the good 'ole
US of A.

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