Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Trip of Lifetime

Our first round of visitors have gone.  And what a trip it was! We covered a lot of Korea in a short amount of time.

Rather than go into lengthy detail I'll just show a few photo highlights from the trip :)

Knitting in the AC... it was bloody hot out!

Taking a lovely stroll on Angel Bridge.

We made our way to Gyeongju- the old Shilla dynasty capital and it was DOWNPOURING out of control... seriously I can't believe how much rain was coming down!

So misty and pretty

My mom and I jumping it up in front of a tomb :)

Checking out the fish market in Busan

The Chaos of Haeundae beach

Traditional lunch with our old co-t Maribell!

Sweatin' it out at the palace

Volunteering at the orphanage, more on that tomorrow :)

It was such a great trip! And we had a blast showing everyone around!

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