Thursday, August 5, 2010

Massage Time

When we were in Busan we meandered past an aroma massage place that I've always wanted to go to. I did a little sweet talking and convinced my mom and jamie to join in the foot massaging fun!

my feet getting ready for the experience

Someone wore capris and got to put on these stylish shorts

Let the feet soaking commence

To my right

To my left

Lights out!

My masseuse. Don't let her pleasant demeanor and small stature fool you. It sounded like she was beating me half the time. My mom and Jamie lay waiting in fear for what was to never come.
I will say that my legs were fully tenderized by the end of the massage... and it felt good.

She then proceeded to take my legs one at a time and twist them all over the place and stretch my hip flexor... extremely awkward but I could tell my hips needed a stretch.

The point where Jamie lost all composure :)  They gave a little back rub at the end and her masseuse was a little forceful and shoved Jamies head between her legs.

Mom's back getting the tenderizing treatment :)

Overall it was an interesting experience to say the least, and my feet, legs, and hips felt great afterwards. Of course walking in flip flops all over the place for the next two days completely undid all of the beating massaging they did... but it was worth it :)


Kayla said...

Looks heavenly to me! I've only got a massage once in my life and it was AMAZING!

On a different note. I walked around Seoul all day (a few times) in flip flops, they really do kill your body! I ended up with awful blisters every time I wore them around Seoul.

Jessica L. said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I've heard that pain during the massage is a bit difficult to handle. Was is OK?