Saturday, August 14, 2010

A bit Fishy

Continueing on with some posts with our last visitors. We definitely had an interesting few days on the islands.
Fish is a big staple food item here in the land of Korea.
And they eat the WHOLE fish. I mean WHOLE fish. As in eyes staring up at me while I play operation with my chopsticks to get meat off of the bones, whole fish.
They also eat minnows, for calcium. Ummmm I drink milk, so I'm set. But my extremely brave sister, mother, and friend ate them, and I've never been more proud.

Before Jamie took the plunge :)

While we were at the beach one day we spotted three women taking their knives to a few fish, and of course being the shameless individuals we are we HAD to get some photos of the action.

Sting Ray anyone?

This woman showed no mercy. Fishing is her husbands "hobby" and apparently hers is slicing up fish like nobodies business.

Her daughter scraping the scales off... yes that's right scraping the scales.

It's tough work but somebody's got to do it, and I'm real happy it's not me.

Anyone in the mood for sushi?

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