Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's Meditations: Weeds

I am in no way shape or form a gardener. Although I'd really like to be.

My mom would try and get me to help her garden. Planting flowers, digging weeds, watering things...etc. But honestly, I really didn't enjoy it. Mainly because there were bugs involved. And not just any bugs, spiders. Spiders are the spawn of satan in an eight legged form. They are absolutely terrifying to me. 

Unfortunately weeds are a part of life. They creep in, and suffocate the life around them. They infiltrate all areas and it takes some digging, sweat, dirt, and encounters with spiders to get them out!

Lately, we've been getting rid of a lot of "weeds" in our life. We've been selling a lot of our things, and deciding what's worth bringing home and what's not. We've been eliminating  a lot of material weeds in our lives, and even thinking about when we move home...I can't wait to get rid of all the things that we absolutely do not need cluttering our lives!

Weeds have taken over our yard

Thankfully I have a ready and willing helper :)

I've felt recently that not only do I need to be getting rid of the material "weeds" in life, but also some emotional ones.  I truly believe that Satan sows these weeds into our hearts and minds just to suffocate any bit of life trying to grow and flourish. I also believe that people in our lives can also plant these weeds. It's starts with a comment or remark, and it can really take root and crush anything of worth that might have been growing. Usually I'm pretty good at keeping up with the regular weeding sessions, but I feel that I need a deep clean. That too many have sprouted up and I've really let myself get crowded.


I think the hardest part is actually getting through the de-weeding process. I like some of the weeds. I hold on to some of those weeds. They are my excuses, my reasons for acting certain ways, they are something for me to hide behind. But hiding behind Satan's and other people's lies are no way to live. And I've got to stop making excuses. 

It's time to roll up my sleeves and start pulling like crazy. It's time to discern what is of importance, what is truth, and what needs to get lost.

I'm ready to live life unburdened and let myself thrive.

And hopefully at the end of the experience it'll look something like this.  No, it's not perfect but that's ok. I don't expect perfection and know that all of those remaining little green specs will be taken care of by someone much more capable than me. I fully trust that God's going to get me (and Jon) through this and that he will be doing the majority of the de-weeding. 

And hopefully he'll be the one confronting all the spiders.

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