Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's Meditations: We've come so far

Right about now all of the new recruits from Canadian Connection are in their orientation and about to be sent off to their new schools.

It's a little bit insane for me to think that two years ago, Jon and I were in the same position.

Two years ago we started one of the biggest adventures, we moved ourselves half way across the world, and we began Korea.

I still remember that first week of orientation and our first week in our new town.

When I think of first stepping into our new apartment I was horrified. The old couple had actually cleaned, but of course the construction crew that re-did the wallpaper left it a MESS! I didn't know if we were going to make it, and quite frankly all I really wanted to do was start to cry and then grab the next plane home.

I am so thankful that we did stick it out and have managed to make a life for ourselves here. We've come a long way. Not only as a couple, but as individuals. I can see growth and change in the both of us and I'm excited to see how that transpires to life at home.

I thoroughly love looking back at some of the first pictures we took when we got here and remembering how freaked, excited, nervous, and happy I was to be in Korea land. I hope all the new recruits coming in have as amazing of a time as we have.

On the plane... that was one loooooong flight.

Enjoying the lovely Korean architecture :)

I made friends with the locals right off the bat.

Jon enjoying our first massive Korean meal!

I think the even crazier part is that we'll be leaving in less than 6 weeks. I can't get over how quickly the time has flown and while I'm really pumped for Europe and Home... I know it's going to be hard leaving a country I've called home for the past two years. I'm already starting to miss paces I know we won't be seeing again.  

But such as life, everything changing, moving forward, and trying to adapt to it all.  I'm thoroughly looking forward to where we'll be two years from now!


Laura said...

I can absolutely relate to how much things can change in just a year or two. It's unbelievable to think where I was 2 years ago - just graduated, prepping to move to HI in a few months, not even an inkling of an idea that in a year, I'd have my own photography business. Then last year, when the ideas first started for LRI, never in my wildest dreams did I think they'd turn out how they have. I can only try to imagine what things will be like in one year, much less two.

Enjoy your last weeks there; do everything you love to one last time. Soak it up - even if you don't really feel like it. You'll be happy you did once you are gone. I am looking forward to winter when you're home so we can catch up in person, and hit up that one restaurant in Pillager with Kalie! :)

xoxo, L

The Stephens said...

So great that you did this, really, really.