Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's summer! Ok, maybe not officially, but I'm counting it as summer because I was laying out in a tank top and shorts and got a little sun!!! woo hoo!

To celebrate the fabulous weather we decided to grill some turkey burgers... and end the night with s'mores! It was a good decision. 

Since we live in Korea and don't have the luxury of graham crackers, we substitute with these digest crackers. Biscuity, graham cracker on one side, and chocolate on the other! They work perfectly!

Jon roasting his marshmallow... did I mention that like a tiny little bag of these things is like 5 bucks!? It's ridiculous.... buuuuuuuut for delish summer treats, it's worth it!

Now I'm in the mix, it's looking lovely and golden brown next to Jon's pasty white one...

And then it's up in flames... that's what I get for focusing on the pictures and not my food!

My cancer ridden marshmallow and Jon's marshmallow that used sun screen.


My second one turned out much more golden brown than *ahem* scorched

Yes, even though I just ate one, I am salivating just slightly looking at this picture... they were that good.

What's your favorite summer time treat!?


Angie said...

yummy! s'mores are one of my favorite summer treats too! and grilled hot dogs! I'm looking forward to having them soon!

The Stainbrooks said...

hmmmm grilled hot dogs are another favorite!!! you and jared will be enjoying them soon at your new place!