Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well more like 4 day tripper...

Jon and I just made it back from our tour de Korea. We basically made a wide circle around the outskirts of South Korea, and we had a blast!  I'll put up some pictures and posts of our days on the road, but since it's been awhile I figured it's time for a wee bit of an update!

1) I have been accepted into graduate school! woo hoo!  I will be joining Jon at Denver Seminary. I will be going for my MA in Counseling. It's been a bit of a process... and it took a while longer for me to find out. During those weeks there were a few freak outs and wondering about whether or not I'd make it. But surprisingly I was really able to feel peace regardless of getting in or not. I was almost excited dreaming up all the other things I could do if I didn't get in. Which was weird considering becoming a Marriages and Families counselor has been a dream since High School. But now that I'm in I feel that God has totally brought us to this place... and this will be our home come next January!!!!

And we'll be viewing these lovelies...

And the absolute best part?? We'll be a  (long) day's drive from MN!!!! Ahhhhh so close to home~

2) I don't think I mentioned it but we'll be having MORE visitors this summer! My mom, sister-in-law Jamie, and Jamie's friend Danielle (she was adopted from Korea) will be visiting this July/August. And hopefully after that our dear friend Katie will hopefully be coming with her Mom in August as well! WE are sooooo pumped! And I'm especially pumped for Danielle and Katie, both are amazing women who were adopted from Korea. I'm just so excited for them to see the culture and the people. We are so blessed to have visitors coming!

3) I will be running my half marathon in about a week.... wait.... what!??  How have these past 12 weeks flown by that freakin' fast!!! I have my 10 mile tomorrow... and then some little runs this week and then we'll be off to Busan!!!  I'm really excited to get it done and over with :) I like running, but i can tell my body needs to do some different Cardio for a while, that and the wind is beating my spirit to a pulp.

4)  Jon and I have started planning our Stainbrook European Vacation for this fall!!!! We are planning on hitting Finland (to see Joel and Miia), Scotland, Paris, Germany, Prague, Austria, and Italy! Soooooo if you've got any suggestions for sights, places to stay, and other tips we are more than happy to hear them!

I think that's it for what's happening on our side of the world!  Stay tuned for some amazing scenes from the gorgeous coast line and mountainous regions of Korea... I was stunned by how magnificent it was!


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