Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trip Day 1: Bamboo and being a creeper

On day one of our trip around South Korea we made a quick stop at Damyang Bamboo Forest. I was supposed to see it last year and run my 1/2 marathon there, but of course it got cancelled because of swine flu.  So we figured this would be the perfect chance to see it!

What we didn't put together was that it was Children's Day... and the last day of the festival. It was crazy! We were in the car waiting to get to parking for like and hour... we fu-hinally  made it to the parking area and we were off!

This was the view from the top of the hill, you can see all the families picnicking down by the riverside. While at first it seemed like a horrible idea to have shown up on this over-crowded day, we were soon pretty happy that we did.

And my true creeper status came shining through. I don't care what anyone says, Korean children are by FAR the cutest. Soooo it's children's day, I have a lovely telephoto lens, and I have no shame.


I just loved watching these parents with their kids. The little boy on the railing was shaking that bamboo tree and just giggling! 

 I did find the time to take some non-creeper photos as well :) Look at that stud!

So peaceful!

I loved the graffiti in the bamboo trunks

Alright, a few more creeper pictures. How cute are these children!!!??? The two little boys in yellow were twins. And were trying to give the peace sign... they start early in Korea. And seriously suspenders!? Are you trying to kill me? I must run out and get those for my unborn children ASAP. (no ladies and gentlemen there is no little stainbrook on the way... I just love baby clothing that much. It's a sickness really).

Overall, a really fantastic day wandering/hiking around this forest. I loved how enclosed everything was and the bamboo is so beautiful.

And of course, what would a hiking around Korea experience be without 4 inch heels!?

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Laura said...

HAHAHA Ok, first of all, you're killing ME with the suspenders picture. LOVE IT.

In Hawaii, there would be tons of Asians [Japanese I think] that would be out hiking Diamond Head in heels! While I'm huffing and puffing away in tennies. Seriously??

And LOVE those upwards bamboo shots. The one focused on the trunks - fabulous bokeh in the distance!!!! LOVE IT