Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 2: A cave, a cave of wonders

The second day of our little road trip we (I) woke up bright and early in Gyeongju to fit in a fun 5 miler before the long haul in the car. Now, as much as I LOVE (note the sarcasm) waking up early on my vacation to go run, it actually was kind of nice to run along the river and see more of the city than we have in the past. Annnnnnnd, it probably helped me to not get to antsy during the car ride. Although I'm pretty sure Jon enjoyed that aspect more than I did.

And so we set out along the east coast of Korea... and it... was.... GORGEOUS!!!! oh my goodness words can't describe, and half of the from-the-car-as we're -driving pictures didn't turn out so great... I may have also lost our lens cap out the window (but that's a different story for another time)... after that I kind of stopped with the pictures from the car.

Along the coast there is a famous limestone cave, it's the biggest in Asia... no big deal. It's called Hwan Seon Gol and we decided to act like tourists, drive 30 minutes out of our way, and see it! I felt like those people that stop to see "the largest ball of yarn" or "the reptile gardens"... yes we were those people.

But it was so worth it! The cave was awesome, and the scenery surrounding it was just as stunning.

Ummmm. Can we say picturesque?

This is taken from the cable car so the clarity isn't so fab, but it was still so beautiful!

The entrance to the cave.. yes that's me with the sweet whited out face, the sun was BRIGHT!

And yes, I did feel like Aladdin and that Abu should've been sitting on my shoulder, just waiting to find a magic carpet and genie in a lamp.

Buuuuut once we got inside... I felt a little differently

Yeah... no gold, no treasure, no genie played by robin williams wanting to grant me three wishes. Instead, it felt like I was in someone's nostril.

Now, I've never been inside someone's nostril, but I imagine it would kind of be like this.

A big dark, mysterious area, fluids rushing around

Bulbous growths on the inside... I mean this could come out of a nose! right??
 Ok am I grossing everyone out at this point? 
I'll stop... let's look at some non-bodily looking shots from inside the cave

Look at the heart in the cave wall! We're just living it up on Lover's Bridge ( they had all sorts of *ahem* interesting names on the walkways.) OH and did I mention that it's about an hour walk through this entire cave!? it's HUGE1!

Right after lover's bridge it was like Hell's valley, or something like that, talk about a complete turnaround.

Here's Jon working it on The Bridge of Confessions.. dun dun dun

This had to be my absolute favorite part.  Getting rid of your sins is as easy as that! Just get on over here to Korea, find this cave, walk on this bridge... and you're set for life!

Almost as easy as accepting Christ into your life... almost. It's a close second :)

There were/ are sooooo many more pictures from this day, but I felt the cave was the complete highlight of this day of the trip!

Out of any road trips you've been on what is your favorite? And do you stop at the touristy sights??

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Kayla said...

How fun! Once I took a random trip to IN to visit my siblings, and then from there we took another random road trip to KY to see the Mammoth Caves, they were soooo awesome! Totally worth the trip! Though, they didn't have any cool lit up bridges like Korea:)