Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 5 stages of Running

1. Acceptance
2. Slight Panic
3. Runner's High
4. Pain and Agony
5. Sheer will power/ aka stubbornness

1. Acceptance
  The first 3 miles or so of the race I felt good. I had accepted the fact that I had been training for this for 12 weeks. I'd been excited, nervous, anxious etc.  about this moment for so long and here it was! It was finally happening and I really felt peaceful about the whole run.

Here they come! And no... I was nowhere near the beginning :)

Why yes, this is a Korean man dressed in drag.

Here I am still in stage 1.

4 km and I'm feeling good!

2. Slight Panic
 So after I saw Jon I got the sinking feeling that I was, indeed, way far behind everyone else. I started to run a little faster than I'd planned because I got so nervous. I think that's where I went wrong. I should've just kept at my own pace, ran MY race, and forgotten about everything and everyone else.

3. Runner's High
You're darn right this bad boy kicked in around mile 6! I was feelin' Gahooood. Seriously, best I've felt running in a long time. I was feeling strong, confident, and really positive. My legs felt fresh and mentally I was all in. I knew I was going to finish and finish strong. I was even running with probably the cutest little old Korean man... EVER for most of this time. Every time I would maybe get a smidge behind him, he'd turn around and beckon me forward. I never realized how much I enjoyed running with someone else, and in my future runs I will be on the look out.

4. Pain and Agony
  Right around mile 9.5 my runner's high left, and before it walked out the door it stabbed me in the back knee, took my dog, and slashed my tires. I literally just fell over on the side of the road it hurt so badly.  I was thoroughly unimpressed. Especially because not only did it attack my knee, it attacked the knee that NEVER hurts. My right knee I usually have issues with, so what did my runner's high do? It went for the left... It's like I told you... a very fickle relationship with this runner's high deal. The next couple miles would prove to defeat me a little bit. My goal had been to run the whole way, but it just wasn't happening. Walking was proving to be painful so I decided not to push through and I listened to my body. It was a good thing. For the next couple of miles I walked about 3 times for 2-3 minutes each time just to give my knee a little breather.

5. Sheer will power/ Stubbornness
  At around mile 12.5 I realized I need to pick it up and finish strong. I was NOT going to let my knee or my negative mental attitude get in my way. So I started to pass a few people, but that finish line seemed a long ways off. But I didn't give in. And I'm proud to say I even sprinted the last little bit. And just to prove it...

I'm a little behind this guy... and for some reason

I all of the sudden feel the need...

To beat him.

And I did :) He didn't even see it coming. But there was a lot of cheering from the Koreans on the sideline:) I think years of CC running led to this moment. One person to beat... you do it. It's engrained in my muscles and my mind. I can't let that one person get ahead of me (although the 100's before that it was alright).

Overall it was a good day :) It was hot, I was extremely sweaty, my knee gave out, and I had to use the restroom soooo badly... but of course there were none along the way and since we were along a major road I didn't really feel like showing off my waegookin (foreigner) behind to all the Koreans. They stare at me enough without having to add that one in.

Happy to be done! Although I believe my first words to Jon were "I hate running"
I finished the race in 2:14:45. I think it averaged to about 10:15/mile or something around there. 

My goals for the race were 
1. Run under 10:30/mile
2. Run the entire race
3. To not finish last

2 out of 3 goals isn't bad and I feel it was a successful race:) I learned a lot, and am looking forward to another one. In the states and hopefully with a buddy!

There ya go! One girls accomplishment of a 1/2 marathon... 


Anonymous said...

That was soooo AWESOME Sara, I am so proud of you, what an accomplishment!! You should be very proud of yourself...did you get an ice cream treat to celebrate??

Momma Stainbrook

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we had ice cream treats!... that is the best part!


Melissa said...

You're just great. I am seriously proud of you.