Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Because I'm done with the half marathon, and because I've been really bored lately I've picked up a new torture device for my body. A new work out and yes, it is called insanity, and yes it is....just that. Apparently I like to take my frustration with boredom out on my body... I don't know if it'll ever forgive me after this endeavor.

We are still working on finishing up P90x, but I knew I would need something new to fill my time and to give me something to work towards. So in spite of the fact that I will now sound like a beachbody.com advertisement we  (read I, and forced Jon) into looking into Insanity... dun dun dun.

I figured to ease us into the transition of insane cardiovascular activity we'd start substituting some P90x workouts with the Insanity ones. Today was round one.

Ok... I thought I was in shape. I mean I just ran a half- marathon for pete's sake. Then I was taken down about 50 pegs, and here I sit shamed and humbled. It... was.... ridiculous. The moves themselves weren't that difficult but it was still a challenge.

This is what awaits you.. fun huh?

So you start the work out and Shaun T. (the main guy) doesn't mess around. The warm up is a work out in itself.  You have already worked up an insane amount of sweat by this time and can't imagine that it can be much worse than that, especially for only 15 minutes. But then, you'd be wrong. And I can't say that it helps much that Shaun is talking about how "worried" and "nervous" he is for the work out. Are you freakin' kiddin' me? Your nervous? Really?

So then you begin. 15 minutes, 15 moves, 1 minute each.  Like I said, the moves themselves.. not to difficult. But man that was the hardest 15 minutes ever! It was never ending. I will say I was happy that all of the people doing the exercises on the video weren't pros or anything. A lot of the time they would sneak off to the side and take a break. That or Shaun would tell them to take a break, and this one chick was NOT happy about it... little bit of an attitude, which was humorous and distracting to watch. But, it was a bit of a relief to not feel like a complete failure for not finishing every single exercise.We came, we kind of conquered, and then we fell into a heap on the floor along with everyone else in the video... including Shaun.

It was a good work out and I definitely felt "worked" afterwards. And as much as I was huffing and puffing and cursing Shaun... I'm actually looking forward to the next time I do the video...

Yes, I am, that insane.


Laura said...

My sister is in month 2 of Insanity and is totally hooked. I did the fit test and one workout and well, that was it. :) It is the most crazy workout I have ever had though, that much is for sure!!! Did you see the commercial for Hip Hop Abs? I think I'd probably only do that for a day or two too, but I think that would be fun to try!

The Stainbrooks said...

haha Laura, you've got to stick with it! You can do it! And oh my goodness month 2... I've heard it is absolutely out of control. I'm already freaked out enough for month 1.And just thinking about month 2 makes me tremble:) And I haven't seen the hip hop abs one... but it sound pretty interesting. It still amazes me just how many products that company sells.

Angie said...

How is insanity going??? I want to hear all about it! Should I still try P90X? or go strait to Insanity? or maybe I'll do hip-hop abs instead.... I've seen the comercial too, it looks really fun!