Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Korea...

While Jon and I are extremely happy with our decision to move back to the land of the U.S. of A, there are definitely moments we really miss Korea and the amazing people we met there.

Lucky for us, there's a whole group of Korean families living on the Denver Seminary Campus. We've already had numerous invitations for dinner and every Korean that meets us is beyond ecstatic that we lived in Korea.

Another fun aspect is that every Friday the Korean men get together for soccer/volleyball. As in a soccer ball being kicked/headed/etc. over a low net. I've kept telling Jon that he needs to join in on the fun, and he didn't until today...

Yes my husband did run out in his Pak Ji Sung jersey.
The Koreans went wild!!!

shocking... i know.
(if you don't know who pak ji sung is... look him up and it'll all come together)

throughout the game there was a healthy dose of "nice-uh" and "fighting!" with a whole lot of other Korean phrases mixed in :)

It made us miss our Korean Volleyball games and co-teachers so much!

Oh Korea, how we miss you :)


Lisa said...

I'm actually planning on moving to Korea to teach English this July/August! I love reading your previous posts on the ups and downs of the country. It seems like most people have a very ambivalent relationship with South Korea. Where did you guys teach?

The Stainbrooks said...

Hey Lisa- We taught in Jeollanamdo province in two really rural little cities. If you have ANY questions aout Korean life feel free to ask! and yes... there is a plethora of knowledge and anecdotes throughout our archives :)