Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

As part of the training plan for the 1/2 marathon in April there were a few other races mixed in and one just happened to be a 5k.  I found on for Superbowl Sunday and went for it, not knowing how my lungs would be in their acclimation, not knowing what the weather would entail, and truthfully not knowing where in the world it was even taking place.

Fortunately it was only a 10 minute drive and the race was set up really well. But as far as weather goes... we got a little more wonderland in our winter...

It was beautiful, and the weather was actually pretty warm... but I was still waiting to see how my lungs would function when I was actually pushing them faster than a 10 min/mile

Ok it was warm... but not warm enough for SHORTS!? Seriously... 

feelin good (granted we're only a 1/2 mile in)

Yeah... I saw this guy finishing when I was at mile 2... at minute 19. Sick.

Finally, here I come!

My lungs have never been so happy to stop overworking themselves.
I realized that while my legs are prepped to get going faster, my lungs are not. I'm sure the cold had a lil' something to do with that as well... but I'm hoping they'll keep improving.

So happy to be done!

And of course the best part of any race??

The free samples at the end :) Jon and I may have taken a little more than we were supposed too.

Overall I was really hoping to keep it at 9:30 a mile  as it was my first race since last May.
I ended up finishing 29:29 and my Garmin said it was 3.18 miles which put me at a solid 9:17/mile!

and I may or may not have signed up for one next Sunday... and a 5 miler in 3 weeks.
The racing bug has hit!!!

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Ellie said...

Heyy! I saw your response at KTB's website and was very glad to see that you're kindly and gently standing up for our sisters in Christ! Very glad to meet you :D