Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freezin' my buns off!

Today we got a little more chilly in Littleton, it was a solid 1 degree when I decided I should probably go on my run.
See... I haven't been extremely prudent in my training. I've been doing the long runs, and all that jazz but I've been a bit lazy during the week.
Which is a HUGE turn around for last years half. I didn't allow myself to miss ANY runs during the week. So I dragged my lazy, warm butt up of the couch and decided to brave the cold.

All bundled up with numerous layers. Except on my legs. See, I always figure my legs will get super warm because they're actually working. So then I wear numerous layers on top and end up dying half way through the run!? Other than my measly little arms swingin' back and forth, the upper half doesn't do much... so why is it always way to warm and my legs are always freezing???

Any tips?

The snow mound in front of the walking path

yay for snow!

My lovely snowy path

The only thing that really kept me going was seeing all the ducks in the water. I mean seriously if they can freeze their feathers off sitting in a frigid stream, I guess I can keep my body movin' a bit longer.

You probably can't see it now, but my eyelashes had frost covering them, my eyes kept trying to freeze shut.

Thank Goodness I had a yummy dinner awaiting me :)

I'm praying for a wee bit of warmth and sunshine tomorrow!!

Hope ya'll are staying warm!

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Anonymous said...

Woooooooowwwwww, Jonnie made those?? How cool is that, they look amazing! Carb loading is important, good thing you are doing that. Stay warm & good for you getting out there n doing yr thing, I am proud of u.!!