Wednesday, March 2, 2011

VFF: Spring is Here!!!

The VFF/BF Adventures are back! Now that the weather has warmed up and the gravel isn't muddy anymore it is time to take the Vibrams out for a run!

And it isn't just me anymore....

Yes, that's right. I've officially converted my husband to the barefoot side :)

He's actually been running in them for a few weeks now and has reported no knee pain! woo hoo

before when he'd be running his knees would hurt so badly... thanks to the vibrams he's pain free.

and before I sound too much like an infomerical we'll move along..

His first run outside :) Doesn't he look excited!?

It's alright, I was pumped for the both of us.

I have to say, I really thought my legs would kill after just a little bit of running in the Vibrams, but we made it 2 miles and while my calves are a little sore... that's the worst of the damage.

I'm thinking I'll definitely be ready to run some races in the Vibrams come May.

If this weather keeps up, you can expect some more Vibram Adventrures comin' your way!


Steph said...

Just you ever have trouble with getting dirt or little rocks in them?

The Stainbrooks said...

Ya know steph, I have very rarely... when it's really sandy then yes I've had some issues. but it typically doesn't bother me. Jon on the other hand can't handle any dirt on his feet or in his toes :) Soooo that's why he's got the covered ones or the KSO's (keep stuff out)! Hope that helps!

Steph said...

This does help! I will keep that in mind when I am purchasing my first pair. Thanks for the tip.

five finger vibrams said...

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