Friday, February 11, 2011

Heatin' Up!

As wintry as CO can get, the glorious part is that it can heat up just as quickly! After a chilly and snowy week or so, the temps are on the rise! Which makes running outside that much more enjoyable.

Because I decided I just had to run another 5k this weekend (put on by the same as my race last week) I knew I needed to get my long run out of the way either this week or early on next week. I had 7 miles to put in and I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for it.  My legs have been a little bit on the sore side, thanks to this...

I thoroughly enjoy weightlifting and heard nothing but good things about this book.
It includes a workout/weightlifting plan for at least 6 months and really shows women how to up the weights.

There's even a meal plan involved, with lots of recipes... not that I use it :)

It gives you the weekly/monthly plans
and a description of ALL the workouts.

This little exercise right here is the main culprit for my sore legs and extremely sore triceps... putting on a shirt has become a bit of a hassle...

Anyway.. back to the long run. Today was sunny and 40... perfection.

Showin' a little skin today... my longsleeve got warm in about 2 minutes so I was down to the capris and t-shirt and I was still beyond warm.
(By the way... those running tight/capri things you see?? best 19.99 I've ever spent. Thank You JC Penney's)

I can see the apt. buildings when I'm half a mile away... that's when I notice a HUGE increase of speed in my pace.

Another amazing purchase.. my camelbak. Colorado is DRY people... after 10 minutes I have cotton mouth and feel the pain. But with this lightweight/barely noticeable baby on my back... not a problem

The only downside of the heat is that the snow is becoming more compacted, slippery, and somewhat sketchy. All of that compact snow/ice is not so much fun on my knees.

So I took an ice bath to a whole new level

The snow felt so dang good on my swollen/ achy muscles and joints. Running in the winter definitely has it's benefits :)

I am just in love with the views as I run.

Overall, I'd say it was a successful run keeping at a 10:04 pace and doing some negative splits in the last half!

The rest of the day has been spent studying, lounging, eating pizza, and getting geared up for a book signing tomorrow!!!
One of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers will be in Denver promoting her new book and Jon get's to be dragged along... yes I owe him big :)

Any big plans for the weekend for the rest of you!?

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