Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life in Denver

Jon and I've been living in Denver for a solid 3.5 weeks and we are LOVIN it :)  For the most part the weather has been gorgeous (ummmm hello 50 degree weather) and we've really been enjoying our classes.

We're finally gettin' settled into a routine and school is flying by already. We've been so fortunate to meet some amazing people in our classes and have been able to meet out of class with them. It's been so nice to have community again!!! My social nature is loving the hustle and bustle and I think we're fitting in splendidly!

As far as the amazing weather it has made running AWESOME. There is a path literally 15 feet from our door. It goes all along he South Platte River and it is BUSY!!! I love how outdoorsy CO is and already have 3 races in the line-up. I have a 5k this Sunday, a half-marathon in April, and I've convinced Jon to run a 5k in May with me... trust me it took  A LOT of convincing... but I managed.  I'm hoping for some more races this summer and fall, but we'll see how my lungs keep acclimating to the insanely high altitude.

And as nice as the weather has been, we've also had our fair share of winter too.  In fact school was cancelled on Tuesday for 3 inches of snow and -11 degrees. I found it a bit on the humorous side... I mean really?? But it did make me think of how lovely the winter is with all the ice and snow on the trees... so I had to whip out some the MN winter photos from December... enjoy :)

Oh winter... I love your snowy glory... but man I'm happy it'll be 49 in CO tomorrow :)

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