Monday, January 31, 2011

The New Digs

Wow... tomorrow is February. I successfully spent a month n' a half not blogging... and I'm pretty ok with it. It's been a whirlwind of activity the past 6 weeks and for the most part I haven't even really missed it... which was apparent from the 700 n' some pictures I have to root through. So I figured what better way to start off then by showing you the biggest part of our last couple weeks!

Packin' it all up!

What Jon drove the whole way out!!

So some of you may not know, but our housing was a bit on the messed up side. We originally asked for a 1 bedroom, got a two bedroom, and then were told we needed to stay in a 3 bedroom (at the 2brm price) until May. I was less than impressed, but we went with it and figured that there was a reason. 
So we moved into the 3 bedroom

Our only casualties... our two little bowls from Japan

Jon takin' a break and watching The Office, amidst all the madness

Two days after we moved into the 3 bedroom, we were notified that a 2 bedroom opened up.
We could either move now... or in May. soooooo we moved right away!

Within in a 4 day period we moved all of our stuff... twice.

We did happen to find a sweet table on craigslist!

The mess that is the soon to be office

So inviting looking...

But now it looks a little more like this!

Whew! It was a bit of a process, but thanks to Mike and Christina (bro and wife) we got it looking like a real home :)

We still have a few more things to acquire, but at the moment we are LOVING our new home :)

Oh and did I mention that we had one week of class already and I'm training for a half marathon in April?? 

Yeah...there's a lot to catch up on :)


Emily said...

Ah! So weird to see "Mike and Jen's" apartment with your stuff in it. I like that I've kind of been in your place before (are the cows still across the parking lot?). Hope you're getting settled in well!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sara your apartment is soooo cute. Everything looks so put together..

The shelves look great, nice job boys!!

It is very cozy & inviting. What a great place to live.

Love you guys.

Momma Stainbrook

Kayla said...

Very cute! I love the set up of the apartment! We had the same thing happen to us when we moved into the apartment that we have now. We had to move into an apartment down the hall and then a week later we had to move everything again. It was hard, especially with the kids!

Anonymous said...

Hi you two...thank you so much for giving me a tour! Cute pillows Sari and you know I love the flowers. It looks so welcoming and settled. Can't wait to visit. Love you both and am excited for your new journey. Mom

Angie said...

Hi! Your place looks so cute! I like the yellow throw pillows and the grey curtains in your bedroom : ) I'm excited to visit y'all in your new home! Love, Angie