Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roman Holiday

Our first day in Roma we hit it big!

We started our day with Arc of Constantine

and right next door is...

The beautiful Coliseum

The entire time we just walked around stunned.

After waiting for years and dreaming of coming here to finally arrive, was just unbelievable

The sheer size of it is just INCREDIBLE!

And of course, right next to that would be Palatine Hill and The Roman Forum

Frescoes in the house of Augustus

Basilica of Constantine

Walking where Caesar Augustus walked... Rick Steve told us to do it.

For being a lot of rubble, The Roman Forum is awesome... thanks to a lovely little guide book, you can picture everything and just knowing how old it is is enough to send your mind reeling

Capital Hill

Trevi!! We literally could have just sat here and watched the water all day... and of course Jon and I tossed in a coin :)

The grave of Raphael

Such a sweet dome!

And an even sweeter way to end our day :)

The first day in Rome was an absolute success~

Definitely a place I'll be coming back too!

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Seth and Christy said...

That picture of you and Dee in the purple is money. Also, the one on capital hill with the clouds and the Italian flag. Boo yah gra ma. I wish we were there with you sweet lovlies.