Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roman Holiday: Ostia Antica

On our last day in Rome... *gasp, sob, sigh* we headed out to Ostia Antica
It's an amazing town with ancient ruins, it was extremely impressive to see such old ruins and a city of the working class.

The Mosaics on the ground were absolutely fabulouso

The theater

Who's that handsome man?? I'll probably bring him home as my souvenir.

We then made our way into Rome, did some last minute shopping and went to see Mamertime Prison, where Peter and Paul were held, and St. Peter in Chains.

Rick Steves said that Mamertime Prison was donation based... not anymore. 10 bloody euros each for a "multimedia experience"... umm no thanks rip off.

So we made our way to St. Peter in Chains Church

 This church "holds" the chains that held St. Peter.

It also has a statue of Moses carved by Michelangelo

It took him 30 YEARS to make this baby.

30..... years.


It was a beautiful church, and a nice way to end our time in Rome.

I'm in a bit of shock realizing that our 2 months of travel is rapidly coming to an end.  Tomorrow we make our way to Finland and Monday we head stateside for the first time in 11 months.  

As awesome as all of this travel as been (and believe me... my jaw is still dropped thinking about all the places we've been) I'm extremely excited to be getting home!

See ya'll soon!

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