Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On sunday, we went to Ludwigsburg. It's the same place we hit up the pumpkin festival and where we got our ginormous pumpkin.

We then took a little tour of the castle, that started out at as a hunting "cabin" basically a palace 3 times the size of my parents house... but ya know, it's all relative.

The Throne and the last King/Duke that lived in the castle. He was quite large.
2 m11cm and 200 kg.
That would be 6.9 feet and 440 pounds.

His wife was 5.9 feet and was 330 pounds.

They called it the marriage of the elephants. cute.

The color of the curtains used to be the bright blue/teal underneath.

This theater is still in use during the summer months.

The room of mirrors... on the ceiling, all walls... everywhere. That's a little too much mirrorage if you ask me.

Garden view. So gorgeous outside.

I'm sorry... but who was fitting in this little guy?

Then we hit up fairytale land!! This was so cool, you walked out to the little seat and then it rose up and the fountains came on! I wanted a turn, but Jon said no.

Hansel and Gretel.

Katja with the baby prams

The ride we went on. It made you "feel" like you were spinning upside down when in reality the whole floor and room spun around you... trippy.

I got a gold chocolate coin... and it was AWESOME.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair~

All the kids had to yell this in order for the hair to come down... only problem is, it didn't come all the way down! One little girl was arguing with her dad about it... so stinkin' cute!

Such a fun day! 
I was thinking of my nieces and nephews the whole time, knowing they would've had a blast!

Oh... and how is it Nov. 2nd already!? Where did the last month go???

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Anonymous said...

Oh how fun, I can't believe Jon said no to that fun little ride. Jon u party pooper!! I think I would of wanted to go on it too Sara!! Men, sometimes I wonder. Jon definitely takes after his father on this one!!

Love the pics thanks for sharing.....MS