Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the land of Swiss

Whew!!! After 10 long days of the blog refusing me access and no internet we're back!

I'll pick up where about where I left off... last Saturday (the 6th) We bid farewell to my amazing German family and hit the road to Switzerland! It was a little cool and rainy at first, but the last day cleared up and it was beautiful!!!

Lucern is definitely one gorgeous city!

The first day we made our way out to Mt. Pilatus... 

Gettin' ready for...

The steepest (and longest??) cogwheel rail


Look at that view...clouds were all we saw... and then it started to hail.

Yeah... lot's of fun hiking up that!
On our way down it was pouring, we made the executive decision to go grocery shopping and spend the rest of the day watching a movie in the hostel.

The next day was AWESOME

We went to the glass blowing museum and it rocked my face off.

And then... I got to blow a glass bulb!!!! So awesome!

He just got it going for me...

Molding it

Pressing it to make it look SWEEEEET!

My turn!!!

Ok, so before we even started the process he told me "go slow, go slow" so I'm blowing slowly then he's yelling something and I can't understand but it sounds like " slow, slow!" so I go slower...

Then I realize he's yelling "Go! Go!" 
So I got freaked, because I'm calm and collected like that and got going again

I'm done!!! It's a fun little christmas ornament!

Then we hit up the old town!
So apparently this is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, but then they explain that numerous parts have been reconstructed and renovated... so could it still be considered the oldest one??

Then the clouds parted a bit and gave us a lovely view!

So stinkin' gorgeous!

The crying lion... don't ask me why it's crying... I have no idea. Ashley and I made up some sob story but i don't even remember that :)

Switzerland was fantastic albeit extremely expensive.
But soooo worth it!

Next up... Italia!

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