Sunday, November 14, 2010

La Dolce Vita: Cinque Terre

After a lovely little foray in Swiss we head for the creme de la creme of Italy... Cinque Terre :)  5 cute little villages all built into cliffs along the Mediterranean. Basically gorgeous.

The sunset our first night. Right before the storm started :)

The lovely little town of Vernazza

Our first night there was a major storm going on, but the next morning we woke to this!

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Now, the whole point of going to Cinque is to hike between all 5 cities, well thanks to our lovely little storm there was a landslide so they were closed...
fair enough. we'll train it up between the cities and hike tomorrow!

(one more of vernazza... it's just too cute!)

This is the view from Riomaggiore, the furthest south town.

The beginning of the trails... called Walk of Love.. we didn't get to go, but I had to snag a picture of the locks :)

LOVED this... words can't even describe how much

So stunning, it's out of control

Still in Riomaggiore... part of the town.

Then we made our way to Manorola, town numero dos!

 And we inhaled some bread and delicious food

Manorola... in between spurts of rain.

Making our way up the 400 steps to Corniglia

Another gorgeous end to the day

Me and my handsome Italian (so everyone thought) man :)


Emily said...

Oh! I wish that we would have overlapped. Your photos look a lot like mine. A pic of Vernazza is my computer's background at the moment. AND the fact that everyone thought that John was Italian makes think that we need to go back to the archives and revive the plan of the two of us dressing ethnically and going to the Duluth mall. Hope you're enjoying ROMA. I'm slightly jealous :)

Laura said...

Sara, these photos are STUNNING. It sounds like you are having the time of your life!