Monday, November 15, 2010

La Dolce Vita: 25

I have quite a few memorable birthdays, but I would have to say that turning 25 in Cinque Tierre, with my amazing husband and best friend was out of this world!!!!   I truthfully didn't really feel like it was my birthday, and I will say I handled turning a quarter of a century much better than Jon did. (Talk about quarter life crisis. I still  think he's lamenting the loss of his early 20's :) I on the other hand was more than thrilled to be turning 25! Each age has something new and changes that come along with it! And I really think this next year is going to be absolutely fabulous :)

And how could it not be when waking up to this...

Jon asked me if I wanted to go on a walk a bit earlier in the morning. I should've realized something was up, as Jon NEVER wants to get up and go out early... but I thought he was just humoring me because it was my birthday. We hiked up to a pretty little viewpoint and it was so breathtaking!

 And then we came back to this...

and this :)

 Ashley and Dan were busy making birthday magic :)

We figured since it was gorgeous, and there had been no rain that the trails would for sure be open... 
of course... no such luck.

So we headed to Monterosso for the most beautiful sunny day of our lives!

World War 2 Bunker

Let's get a picture!
Ashley: Ok now move over there to get more sun...

Not 2 seconds later, we're posing and a giant wave attacks

And I don't mean like 2 little spots on my jeans. We're talking the entire right pant leg and 80% of my left one being drenched... it was so hilarious.

and gorgeous

me praying that they dry quickly

protest... ram style

We just basked in the sun all day and enjoyed the beach. It was so glorious outside

Then we enjoyed a lovely sunset view on our terrace

And some delicious pesto pizza

Tira misu

And for all you Friends fans (ahem... Joelle) " A Birthday Flan!"

It was a very special way to celebrate the big 25 :) I loved every moment of it!

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