Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Time in Germany!

This past Saturday we arrived in Urbach, Germany. A town that celebrated it's 800th birthday in 1980... no big deal. Fortunately my family has stayed connected with family still in Europe so we get to spend the week with them! It's been such a blessing and we've loved having the down time.

We started Sunday morning with a HUGE breakfast before we headed out for an awesome day.

Rosie made this delish pastry for the morning!

Ummmm... hello fantastic breakfast!

After breakfast we made or way to Ludwigsburg

Ashley was gracious enough to snap a pict of the fam!

L-R: Jon, Me, Katja, Rosie, Henry, and Katja's husband Franck

There just so happened to be a pumpkin festival going on as well!!!
Sign. me. up.

These were the biggest pumpkins, the largest was 668 kg... MASSIVE.

There was a fun little tropical theme going on

Yes, all made of pumpkins.

And there's the octopus waving goodbye :)

So... I've noticed that I've lost a few followers.. no big deal. Buuuut I'm sorry to those that may be getting sick of all the traveling pictures.
This blog is basically serving as a photo journal for Jon and I, since I'm not so good with the pen and paper.

I promise in 3 weeks we will return to our regularly scheduled programming :)

Happy November!!


Angie said...

Hey Sara! I'm still following your blog and I just shared it with my facebook friends too! You've already inspired at least one person to take a European Vacation! : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
I so want to go there!! Maybe we can talk the men in the fmily into going on a European Vacation in the future. Sara & Jon can be our tour guides..they were great in Korea.
Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Looking forward to seeing u 2 soon..
Love, MS