Tuesday, August 2, 2011

oh Micke you're so fine!

The last 10 days Jon and I have been back in MN and it has been glorious!

Being able to see family and friends has been relaxing and refreshing, and it was a much needed break from life in CO.

While spending time at our homes has been great, our real reason for coming back was for some weddings. While we were in Korea land we missed out on the weddings of SO many of our closest friends... so now that we are on the same continent it was time to make it happen!

First up... Sarah Micke (now Shelerud) Micke and I lived together for two years during undergrad. We spent many evenings watching Friends, making music videos, and sharing our love of all things Christmas :)

LOVED this ...

Me and my hot date :)

They are just a beautiful couple 

Reunited and it feels so good!

The candy/cookie bar... we strategically placed ourselves right next to this table.

Us with the beautiful bride!

Cuttin' the cake. 
After Sarah repeatedly telling Joe not to smear it on her face... he did what any clueless groom would

smeared it on her face:)
nice work joe.

Congrats my beautiful friend!

So excited for what is to come for you and Joe!!
p.s. a move to colorado should most definitely come next :)

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