Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bowling Time

The other evening we made our way to a bowling alley/arcade/lazer tag/ most awesome place ever with some friends.

We found out that after 8:45 we could bowl for a buck a person so we decided to try our luck in the arcade.

Heather had NO idea that Lori was pointing the gun her way 

ski ball is an intense sport

Bball tourney

the boys way too obsessed with killing things

 So Lori and I decided that since we basically rocked the Novice DDR we could manage the Medium level.

That resulted in both of us jumping up and down for 5 minutes laughing and seriously sucking at DDR.

Douggie successfully fitting his vibrams in the bowling shows

 Why yes, Brian is bowling in a walking cast

LOVE these ladies :)

I foresee many more nights of bowling and arcading ahead of us :)

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