Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls hit the highway: Pepin and Burr Oak

Day two of the road trip was a blast! We had so much fun traveling to Pepin, WI and Burr Oak, Iowa.

During the driving we read to the girls about what the Ingalls family did in each town, and even got to tour the hotel the Ingalls lived in during their time in Iowa!

 Jordyn and Maddy both taking a turn posing 

Little House in the Big Woods

Next stop Iowa!

Inside the hotel/museum
(a lovely grainy picture from the point n' shoot.. i will be leaping for joy when we get the DSLR back in my hands!)

Meanwhile... when we got to our hotel room, grandma had a surprise up her sleeve!

 homemade butter!

Khloe didn't feel the need to use a cracker... just putting the butter straight in :)

Grandma and her girls butter makin'!

The next day will entail Spring Valley and Walnut Grove, MN
and then we'll be making our way to SD for the last stint!

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Abby said...

This looks like such a fun trip! I bet those girls are LOVING it!