Friday, August 12, 2011

Girls Hit the Highway: DeSmet

Our last and final trip of the Laura Ingalls adventure took us to DeSmet. We headed out to the original site of their homestead and it was hands down the best part of the entire 4 day trek.

Khloe insisted on sitting by herself

And I'm pretty sure you can't get much cuter than this...seriously.

The COOLEST chicken I have EVER seen.

no hesistation in grabbing water from the pump

a reconstruction of the homestead

it was absolutely gorgeous out there... 

On the wagon ride

School Time!

 Learning how to do Laundry

craft time!

corncob dolls!

 Making Jumpropes

This trip was absolutely fantastic... seriously.

The girls traveled so well, and my mom, Jamie, and I had fun just watching the girls run around :)

So much fun! I can't wait to take my own little girls on the same trip someday!

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