Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Time in the City

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of joining in on the Bachelorette party of a most dear friend.

eight girls in bridesmaid dresses
one bride in an old wedding dress
90 degrees 

good time had by ALL.

This was Jen's response to me saying
"it's all about the little movements"

what can i say... she catches on quickly :)

Emily and I clearly have no idea what to do here.

makin our way to the trolley!

Jen's dress matched the beanie... we thought it was a good look.

With the conductor

ringing the bell!

And why wouldn't we go and rent a bunch of kayaks and canoes and row out into a lake?

Sara and Jen workin' it

trying to get a picture of the sweet trolley.
I now realize that, that man is a perfect example of what all of us were feeling in our dresses.

A classy passenger

Congrats again Emily!!!

And Levi... if I haven't said it before... you are clearly a lucky lucky man :)

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