Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Bald

Disclaimer: No, neither Jon and I shaved our heads (although a little piece of me is curious as to what I'd look like).

The great part is we have friends who are more than willing to take risks with their hair.

And when I say risk, I mean they are letting me doing the cutting.

Me, with an electric trimmer... blades.. close to someone else's scalp... risky.

Thank goodness Dan had a lot more faith in me than I did!! 

the before shot

armed and dangerous

Don't let my confidence in the first picture mislead you... this is how I was really feeling.

Totally. freaked. out

I kept picturing blood and gashes everywhere

Getting there, slowly but surely

Identifying the lumps in his head so that there would be no gashes or bloodshed

Let the shaving begin

Yay I get to help!

although not with this part... because then there would have been bleeding... 


Thanks for trusting me with your scalp Dan:)

Pretty sure after this I'm totally certified to cut anyone's hair... so drop me a line and let your bald dreams come true.

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